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Answering your questions

Have questions about our services? Explore our FAQs for quick answers to common inquiries. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to our dedicated team for personalized assistance. We're here to provide clarity and support throughout your journey.

How can I access my purchases?

Sure thing. 

Check you Email AND you Spamfolder. Did you recieved any Credentials? Within in this Email there should be a "Login Button". Click it and you are getting redirected into your Account.

In Generell please use this URL to log into your Account:
Click here

Do you offer Refunds?

No, no refunds. Its like asking your money back for the Tasty Coffee you liked before. Please also check out our Refund Policy.

For the case you purchased any subscription, you can cancel it like described on each Orderform. Mostly its monthly. Depends to the Product and Subscription. We do also offer Yearly Subscriptions. 

For the case you want to Pause or cancel your whatever Subscription, click here

I forget about my Passwort

No Panic.

Follow this Link. Enter your Email Adress with what you´ve made the Purchase and click "Request reset Link". 

Also check your Spamfolder. You will recieve a Email with further Instructions, to reset your Password. 

How can i reach out to you?

For Clients: 
Please use the internal Support Form, our Discord, The Forum, our Community Group or our Community Messenger. 

Please Note: You only have support and Community Access, when you booked that Service. When you only purchased the "Selflearner Course" without Community and Support Addon, we are not allowed to provide you with supportive help related to your Course. 

When you have technical Questions, please use the mentioned Email Adress below.

For non Clients: 

Please contact us via "support[@]" (Only legal and Technical questions. No Mentoring, Coaching or Courserelated support.) 

I have access to 2 Courses. With which one should i start?

No Panic on the Titanic. 

Basically we happily provide you 2 courses, to teach you THE 2 essential ways online to generate high quality Traffic. Its all about Traffic, so we love Traffic and we love to show you how this works. 

Paid Traffic: (ADS)

One course is about to generate Traffic via so called "Paid Traffic" such as Facebook Ads. Its fast, very fast. Lightning fast. But you can burn your money, when you are not carefully set up everything correctly. But the "qick win" here can be also very damn fast and very damn profitable, especially when you join of course our Affiliate Programm to promote our Products. 

Organic Traffic: (SEO) 

The other Course is about how to generate Traffic wihtout "Paying directly for it like with ads". We always pay a price right? So in this case. We pay with Time and more effort and ambition, but we dont have any risk to loose money liek with ads maybe or need to invest upfront in ads. This Course is perfect to start when you dont have much left to invest or if you want to start out with our own digital Product Affiliate money making Mashine.